Update: iPhone 6 Lightning Cable Attachment Holders (Again)

November 23, 2015 •


A iPhone 6 Cable Attachment Block for Everyone

You may remember our blog post from a while back, Update: iPhone 6s Lightning Cable Change Affects Holders. Well, we have another update regarding the new Apple lightning cables and how they work with our custom lightning cable to USB charging phone holders. When we learned of Apple’s decision to re-model the lightning to USB cable at the release of the iPhone 6s, increasing the original cable thickness from 4.7 mm to 5.2 mm, we also learned that the new cable not only affected the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but also the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! Somewhere along the way, Apple started packaging the iPhone 6 with the new cable. So, depending on when you purchased your iPhone 6, you could have either the older, thinner lightning cable or the new, thicker cable.

To solve the problem of not knowing which cable our customers received with their iPhones, we decided to send along two cable attachment blocks for the customer to test with their lightning cable for best fit. However, since we always strive for offering the best solution possible, we were never really satisfied with this. Therefore, we have now managed to develop a cable attachment block that can hold both cables!


The change affects the following ProClip USA phone holders: 514660, 514662, 514666, 514661, 514663, and 514667.