Maintaining Your Trucking Fleet with ELDs

Choose the best mounting systems for transportation and trucking fleets using electronic logging devices.
Trucking Fleet

As a trucking company owner or fleet manager, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance is paramount. The most recent regulation enacted by the FMCSA has been the mandatory use of electronic logging devices. All commercial truck drivers are required to use this logging technology to track trucks and record hours of service. To help your truck drivers better manage their new electronic logging devices, consider these tips.

Choosing the Best E-Log Device

Now that the electronic logging device ruling has been put into action, dozens of companies are coming out with their own version of an ELD. Unfortunately, not all ELDs are created equally or approved by the FMCSA.

Before you purchase electronic logging devices for your entire fleet, check the FMCSA list of registered ELDs. Here you can search by:

  • Device name
  • Model number
  • Software version
  • ELD identifier
  • Company

One thing to be aware of, companies manufacturing e-logging devices are self-certified. This could be an issue down the road if the company is proven to falsely certify its devices.

Practice Prior to Use

Before a driver goes over the road with an ELD they need to become familiar with this type of logging system. The FMCSA provides a detailed resource for using ELDs that can help new drivers or drivers with new e-logging devices.

Keep in mind, the full compliance of the ELD mandate does not take place until April 1, 2018. On that date, the Department of Transportation inspectors will begin enforcing proper record keeping with ELDs for roadside and random inspections.

Mount E-Log Tablets

While truck drivers are not permitted to use mobile devices while driving, they are allowed to use ELD tablets. These devices could prove a distraction and truck driver safety hazard if not displayed efficiently. This is where a proper mounting system for ELDs is highly desirable. Here is what to look for:

  • You want to find a mounting setup that will not damage the interior of a truck, which will decrease its value.
  • By choosing a mounting base that securely snaps into a dashboard, this maintains the integrity of a truck’s interior.

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