The Return of Foldable Flip Phones in 2020

The return of the foldable flip phone could be one of the hottest trends in smartphones for 2020. See what flip phones are expected to hit the market.


The Return of the Flip Phones in 2020

Each year, mobile phone manufacturers tend to stick to similar design trends, despite trying to differentiate themselves in the market. Trends throughout the past decade have included the notch, camera bumps, rounded corners and more. Looking forward to 2020, it looks like the biggest trend could be the return of the flip phone.

The Return of the Motorola Razr

Motorola made headlines this past fall with an official announcement that they were bringing back the iconic Razr. The new Razr is expected to be available in stores in January for $1,500. The phone is certainly quite capable, but consumers can get much more powerful phones for cheaper. The main selling point of the new Razr is nostalgia. We can’t be the only ones who miss emphatically hanging up on someone with the snap of a wrist.

What’s Next from Samsung

In 2019, we also saw the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Despite the first attempted release being put on hold due to quality concerns, the second release of the phone could be considered quite successful. Many tech writers considered the phone one of the most important pieces of tech from 2019. In 2020, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Fold 2. We look forward to seeing what kind of improvements Samsung has made, but most importantly, will the price go down?

A Foldable Future

The next year could make or break the idea of foldable phones. If Samsung, Motorola and other manufacturers are able to bring the prices down, while bringing the quality and durability up, the trend will certainly catch on. We look forward to the continued innovation in smartphones and a foldable future.