Apple Developing a Foldable iPhone to Bring to Market in 2020

What if your iPhone was flexible instead of an unyielding slab of metal and glass? Apple is said to be launching a foldable iPhone in 2020.
foldable iphone
Image via MacRumors

It’s no secret that a device such as the iPhone can be an easy substitute for a printed magazine, newspaper or book, with the benefit of being able to store a whole library of content that you carry everywhere you go. However, the device cannot be folded or rolled up like a printed document.

Consumers have long been accustomed to the rigid nature of smartphones. Apple’s iPhone, built from metal and shatter resistant glass is a strong and sturdy device that needs to hold up under the normal activity of even casual users. But what if your iPhone could change its shape? An expert is predicting that Apple is now developing a foldable iPhone.

Apple to Sell a Foldable iPhone

After a recent meeting with Apple supply chain companies in Asia, Wamsi Mohan, an analyst who works at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, wrote a research note predicting that the company plans to develop a foldable iPhone to launch in 2020, according to MacRumors.

The prediction came to light after a CNBC reporter obtained a copy of Mohan’s note, which indicated that the foldable iPhone might also be enlarged to be more like an iPad. MacRumors noted that LG Display has contracted to create foldable OLED displays for Apple for upcoming iPhone development.

An OLED display is flexible, unlike conventional LCD screens. MacRumors also previously reported that LG Display had already made an agreement to sell Apple these foldable displays.

OLED Display

Apple’s iPhone X already includes a bendable OLED display, which has a curved portion that folds behind itself inside the smartphone. The iPhone’s display controller chip is stored inside the curved area of the display. Apple built it this way to allow the iPhone to have a slimmer bezel on the bottom (where that chip would usually be placed). Further proof that Apple is going to launch a flexible iPhone, is the patent it took out for a foldable display in 2017.

A flexible iPhone that you can actually fold will be much more enjoyable and convenient to use. But in the meantime, while using your conventional iPhone, you will want to protect the device as well as your fellow passengers when driving, by mounting the device with a ProClip vehicle dashboard mount. Find your perfect mounting solution, custom fit to your device and vehicle!