5 Must-Have Auto Apps

Why stick with the dash GPS? Check out the top five must-have auto apps below, and augment your travels without breaking your bank account.
5 Must-Have Auto Apps

Whether you’re a town cruiser or an enthusiast, mobile technology can spark your travels. Mobile apps using gyroscope technology, location beacons, and real-time alerts have been out for a couple of years, and developers have rolled out a few game-changing options. Why stick with the dash GPS? Check out the top five must-have vehicle apps below, and augment your travels without breaking your bank account.

One: KeyFree

If you’re not lucky enough to have remote startup accessibility, fear not. Don’t worry about losing your keys, because KeyFree, once installed, uses Bluetooth to secure your keys around the clock. Hook the app’s Bluetooth adaptor into your car, download the KeyFree app and click to start. Really, it’s that simple. Remote-start your car anywhere, and receive real-time car diagnostics on your device.

Two: Life360

Are you constantly on the go? Spare the in-seat texting, and stop calling around the clock to find your family members. Life360 is operable on Android, Apple and Windows, and it notifies you of your nuclear family’s locations. More importantly: It offers real-time messaging and driving notifications, so your kids will know not to text while you’re driving. With availability and pick-up alerts, every family member can be notified about your arrival.

Three: AccuFuel

Are you a penny-pinching fuel nut? In today’s world, fuel prices are constantly changing. As a driver, you deserve to know your fuel economy between each pump visit. AccuFuel offers exact fuel mileage notifications, calculating your percentage to boost your gas efficiency.

Four: RepairPal

RepairPal boosts your price efficiency when picking up repairs. Listing different repair options, common industry costs, car models and suggestions, RepairPal is the one-stop-shop for your car’s every maintenance need. It lets you track repairs, too, cataloging each phone number, rate, discount and amenity you’ve come across for future reference.

Five: Kanetix

Need to compare car insurance quotes? The Kanetix Car Insurance app guarantees an innovative approach to quote searching, offering a VIN number bar code scanner. Obtain quality quotes, browse options and obtain affordable coverage. Regardless of your shopping needs, Kanetix is a must-have option for quote comparison.

Always practice safe driving when using apps. Distracted driving can lead to accidents on the road. It’s best to keep your phone in secure location, such as a phone holder and dashboard mount, and save mobile app use for when you are not in motion.