Backup Cameras Required in All New Cars

Backup cameras greatly reduce the chance of pedestrian-related accidents, and they've become standard across the industry.

Backup Cameras

Backup Cameras Required in All New Cars

In the past, backup cameras were a high-tech amenity. Now, they’ve become standard across new vehicles. In the United States, they’re going to be required components of all new cars. A new federal regulation has redefined the industry yet again, assuring that drivers won’t ever peruse the roads without support behind the scenes.

The Preventative Approach

The regulation intends to prevent accidents involving pedestrians. Within the scope of accidents caused by vehicles reversing, accidents with children make up the largest statistic. In 2008, Congress began its journey to make backup technology standard across the industry. Its’ early measures focused on adopting rearview technology in general, but times have changed.

Following some initial delays, Congress worked with the Department of Transportation to secure the backup camera requirement in 2014. While this step was an incredibly important one, automakers still needed time to meet the law’s requirements in the form of new vehicles.

High-End Options in the Middle Market

Backup cameras used to be high-end tech inclusions in cars. A lot of these vehicles have extra safety features in general, which divided the automotive market with clear definition. The safety is certainly needed, too, as over 200 people are killed in “backover” crashes every year, reports the Department of Transportation. Another 12,000 are injured per year as well.

The technology being standard, even in cheap cars, certainly impacts the market in interesting ways. While the technology helps drivers see behind their rides, it won’t be a decision impactor for those looking at new cars. The industry has changed, and even older cars are meeting new cars in the technology department.

Even if your older car doesn’t have a backup camera, it may be worth consideration to install one. You may be surprised at how affordable and easy to install a third-party option may be. Here at ProClip USA, we strive towards safe travels with reduced distractions from your technology. A magnetic mounting solution may be the perfect way to mount your new backup camera monitor in your car.