Will the iPhone 11 Ditch the Lightning Cable?

Apple fans want to know if rumors are true about the upcoming iPhone 11 possibly ditching the Lightning cable for USB-C.
iPhone 11
iPhone XR with Lightning Cable

When it comes to early adopters of technology, especially new products from Apple like the flagship iPhone, people want to know how upgrades will affect their user experience. Indeed, die-hard fans will be curious about very specific aspects of the forthcoming device and any potential upgrades that may change how they use an iPhone while out and about. A case in point is rumors about the iPhone 11 that are starting to surface. They indicate that Apple may be ditching the Lightning cable in the next iPhone.

Will Apple Keep the Lighting Cable in iPhone 11?

You back up your important files on a regular basis, don’t you? Without a wireless connection, charging your iPhone or transferring files between the device and a computer (such as to back up new pictures and videos to your desktop) involves connecting with a Lightning cable.

But according to a report from MacRumors, Jean Baptiste Su, an analyst from Atherton Research, says that Apple is poised to switch from the Lightning connection and will install a USB-C port.

This is in keeping with how Apple upgraded the iPad Pro. And based on research into Apple’s supply chain logistics, the Mac Otakara site in Japan says new iPhones released in 2019 will possibly use USB-C, but details are not yet finalized. End users care because while the Lighting connector is smaller and allows for a thinner design, USB-C connectors are much more common and therefore more convenient.

Other Emerging iPhone 11 Rumors

Other new rumors about the iPhone 11 noted by MacRumors include a possible under-display Touch ID, faster data transfer rates with Wi-Fi 6. Apple may include a laser-equipped 3D camera on the back for better augmented reality experiences. Finally, Apple may roll out 5G support, giving users access to faster network speeds.

Protecting Your New iPhone and Your Passengers While You Drive

Early adopters of technology who care enough to want to know about what type of cable will be able to connect to their iPhone will always want to get the most out of their smartphone. This is why you’ll want to protect your new iPhone while driving by fastening it securely in a dashboard mount. The result is a fewer distractions while promoting a safer ride for you and your passengers.