Cell Phone Stands for Your Desk

August 11, 2015 •

Computer Desk Stand

Whether you use your cell phone for business calls and emails, to check a message from the daycare provider, scroll through your Facebook Newsfeed, or a quick online purchase over lunch, your cell phone is always near you at work. Let’s face it; they’re practically glued to us. Why not keep your phone propped up where you can easily see the screen and scan incoming calls and messages.

ProClip Desk Stand
The ProClip Desk Stand keeps your cell phone within reach at home or in the office. Attach one of our Phone Holders to the pre-drilled holes on the face plate, and you’re all set! Choose a charging holder to keep your phone ready to go all day long. See more ways to use the Desk Stand in this video.

Magnetic Desk Stand
For a more universal solution, the iOmini and iOstand are magnetic desktop stands that can be used with almost any phone or tablet. Use the iOmini with phones and small tablets and the iOstand with large tablets. Both are available in black, white and stainless steel finishes.

iOmini iOstand

If your desk is too small or cluttered and you can’t imagine adding anything else to the disorder, consider trying a wall mount.

iOwall Mounted iOwall

The iOwall is a magnetic wall mount for phones and tablets that can be installed to practically any wall or surface. It’s also a great place to mount and keep a tablet that might be shared throughout the office. Available in black, white and stainless steel finishes.