Can Google Entice Fans with “Moonshine?”

Google is expected to release Lollipop at I/O, and experts are anticipating an enthusiastic reception among consumers.
Google Moonshine

Currently going by the codename “moonshine,” KitKat’s successor is expected to be released by Google at I/O later this month.  Once the software is made public, industry insiders expect Google to dub the next Android platform “Lollipop,” although it is unknown whether it will be considered Android 4.5 or 5.0.   When Google has released a new Android update in the past, some consumers delayed upgrading for a few months.   It is unlikely, though, that many people will want to delay transitioning to Lollipop.

Looking at Jelly Bean and KitKat

In the past, Google has released major Android updates in July and then a less significant update in the fall.  In July 2012, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was released and then followed by the release of Android 4.2 the following October.  Similarly, Android 4.4 Kit Kat came out last July and was followed later by a minor update.

Google I/O is slated for June 25-26, which around the time when Google has previously released new platforms.  This has led to the rumors of Lollipop and suggestions that it will be revealed at I/O.  If Google is truly following their past release schedules, however, another release should be expected sometime this fall.

Will Consumers Hold Out?

The exact specifications of Lollipop remain unknown to the public, but it is expected to draw consumers immediately.  Reports indicated that it is focused on improving tablet performance, which would greatly help Android tablets compete with Apple’s iOS devices.  For those not interested in tablets, Android Wear packs all the power of an Android device into a wristwatch.

In previous years, some consumers held out for the fall update before purchasing a new Android device.  This year, consumers are not expected to delay upgrading to Lollipop, because it has so much to offer.  Experts are anticipating that they will be as excited about the release of Lollipop as industry gurus will be.