Bloomberg Confirms iPhone 8 Rumors

iPhone 8 is coming in fall 2017, but rumors continue to guess what the upgraded features may include. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg sets the record straight.

Many rumors are swirling around the forthcoming iPhone 8. Often, conflicting rumors are making the device’s form factor and potential features very difficult to anticipate. Unlike previous years, these rumors have very stark and contrasting differences. For example, where the TouchID sensor will be located. Are the dual cameras going to be horizontal or vertical? Per usual, Mark Gurman, now with Bloomberg, has stepped out to set some of the record straight. 

iPhone 8 Rumor Confirmation

As always, the rumor mill spins images of the upcoming iPhone release. It has almost become a sport, with the Apple blogging community bouncing a ball on the playground of skepticism. When these rumors seem to gain traction in the wrong direction or an idea becomes too widely accepted, one can always count on the bigger news agencies to suddenly have a leak from “someone familiar with the matter.”

With rumors of the iPhone 8 rapidly and wildly distorting expectations for this fall’s release, it seems Bloomberg is the official-not-official source for setting expectations in the spring timeframe. In this case, Gurman, who boasts an incredible track record for being almost 100% accurate with pre-release information, penned a full article on the iPhone 8 with information from, you guessed it, “people familiar with the matter.”


Gurman confirms previous rumors that Apple is actually preparing three iPhones for a fall 2017 launch. This could be leading to the widely differing rumors and even a few potential supply chain leaks. One of the three devices is the upcoming 10th anniversary edition, which is not a term Gurman used, that will be a completely upgraded version. The other two handsets will be upgraded iPhone 7 devices, which we can assume will be the iPhone 7s, in line with previous naming conventions.

Gurman confirms the iPhone will be a new form factor, with a completely overhauled appearance, and the Cupertino based company is testing a new screen, curved glass, stainless steel, and more advanced dual cameras. The new screen could be the Samsung OLED variant, which has been guessed in the past and now confirmed by Gurman. The iPhone 7s is expected to continue using the same LCD display of the iPhone 7.


Gurman continues, confirming Apple is looking at a full edge-to-edge screen, that would result in “a display slightly larger than that of the iPhone 7 Plus, but an overall size closer to the iPhone 7.” Most importantly, Gurman also confirms, the intention for Apple is to bury the TouchID sensor below the device screen or utilize software for authentication. Consequently, the device’s chin would no longer become a dead space with a hardware button. Rather, the space can be used for additional screen real estate. To contrast, however, Gurman sets a little doubt, noting “people said,” there is experimentation with integrating the fingerprint scanner into the screen, but it is technically challenging.

Gurman is hearing an iPhone 4 inspired design with glass on the front and back is possible, with curved glass on both sides. The device would be symmetrical front-to-back. iPhone 7 already has a small curved glass edge that appears to melt into the side framing. This could easily be replicated on the device back.

In a way that screams official-not-official Apple leak, Gurman sets expectation that the new flagship device may not be available for up to two months after “the typical fall introduction.” Interestingly, there were no comments addressing the concerns that an entry level iPhone 8 device would start with a price in excess of $1,000. Consequently, it is likely the iPhone 8 device will be only slightly more expensive, or maybe the same, as other flagship pricing in the past.

iPhone 8 mock ups by Steel Drake