Android Apps for Better Health

Use your mobile phone to enhance your health with these powerful apps.

Think you have no time for physical fitness? These apps can allow you to use your phone to improve your health and your life even when you’re on the go.

Instant Heart Rate App

Get Your Health Data
Knowing your health level is a good place to start. Instant Heart Rate uses your phone’s camera to check your pulse. Simply turn on the app and lightly lay your finger over the camera’s lens. Using light from your phone’s flash, it can determine approximately how quickly your heart is beating. You can save results to see how your heart rate varies over time. This make a great companion app to exercise and workout apps, as it lets you see how high you’re getting your heart rate during your workout.

Couch to 5k App

Become More Active
The Couch-to-5K program has helped thousands y running a 5K. The phone app prompts you to run and leads you through the workout week by week. You can add music from your phone’s library, as well, so that you have inspiring tunes to take along with you on your run.

Add Some Meditation to Your Day
Have a few moments to spare before work or class? Pop your mobile into your car phone mount and spend the time meditating. Experts say that meditation sessions as short as two minutes can reduce your heart rate and lower stress hormone levels.

Insight Timer App

There are a bunch of apps on the market that can make mediation easier. Insight Timer allows you to clock how long you spend meditating; this is a good app to have if you have made it a personal health goal to meditate daily. HeadSpace is a dogma-free meditation and mindfulness app that helps you improve your mental outlook through 10-minute daily meditations. Apps that provide binaural beats help you hone concentration and improve performance.

By using your mobile phone and your free time to check in on your health and do a little to make it better, you make optimal use of your technology and time. Use health-oriented mobile apps to get more fit and improve your life.