Best Offline Apps and iPad Mounts for Airplanes

January 2, 2016 •

If you travel often, you know that waiting in an airport or sitting on an airplane can be dull. When you’re not flipping through a magazine or watching the in-flight entertainment, you need some good offline mobile apps to pass the time and keep yourself entertained.

Airplane iPad Mount

Top Offline Mobile Apps

  1. Kindle – Choose from over a million books and magazines to explore. Be sure to download before your trip so you can read them offline.
  2. Spotify – Relax with your favorite playlist. Upgrade to Spotify Premium for offline listening.
  3. TED – Download educational and entertaining TED Talks before your trip for offline watching.
  4. 2048 – Swipe the board to join tiles of the same number and add them up. The goal is to add up enough tiles to create the 2048 tile.
  5. Two Dots – Connect dots of the same color, create bombs, make shapes and more in this puzzle game with 535 levels.
  6. Fruit Ninja – This popular game about slicing fruit is free and addicting.

Tablet Mounts for Airplanes

Our iPad MultiStands are tablet stands for use in an airplane, around the house or at the office. The stand props on a flat surface and can be adjusted to various angles. You can easily hold the tablet in one hand while using your other hand to swipe or type. Watch this video to see even more uses.

If you don’t often travel with a tablet, your phone can also be a great way to kill time on an airplane. Our Suction Cup Mounts and Magnetic Phone Holders are a universal mounting solution that can be used in many places, such as the back of an airline seat or on the window. Avoid a sore neck by keeping your phone directly in front of you!

Suction Cup Airplane Phone Mount