Apple Plans to End Support for iTunes Allowances on May 25

Parents who have been using iTunes Allowances through Apple’s online music store should know that the company plans to end support for the program on May 25. Options for giving children access to Apple’s music offerings include setting up Family Sharing and buying iTunes Gifts.
Apple to end iTunes Allowances

To encourage financial planning and to place limits on how much music children can buy and download from iTunes, Apple offered a service called iTunes Allowances. It was an easy way to let parents deposit a set amount of money in their child’s iTunes account each month and then let the kids decide how to allocate the funds toward their entertainment.

Apple is now phasing out that program. After April 13, parents could no longer make new deposits for iTunes Allowances, noted MacRumors. The feature will officially end on May 25, 2016, so parents should set up new options for how much music their kids can get each month.

Options for Your Children after iTunes Allowances Ends

After the deadline passes, you can use Family Sharing to share access to music with your children. Parents also have the option to allocate iTunes spending money for kids by buying them iTunes Gifts.

Keep in mind that despite its name, iTunes offers more than just music. You can use it to get e-books, TV shows and movies, too.

Parents who want to control what their children are able to view or order through iTunes can keep certain purchases private (such as a movie the parents order that is inappropriate for younger viewers).

You can also enable the Ask to Buy for children feature, where the system will send you an alert that asks you to approve whatever your kid wants to download or stream via the iTunes store.

About Apple iTunes Allowances

Apple iTunes Allowances enabled children to pick and choose their own music to get every month, working with whatever allowance money their parents budgeted for them. Parents will need to adjust how they support their kids’ music habits, now that Apple is ending support for the service.

  • No new allowances after April 13, 2016
  • Apple ends support for iTunes Allowances on May 25, 2016
  • Any unused allowance money will remain in the recipient’s account
  • Apple recommends switching to Family Sharing and using iTunes Gifts

Establishing iTunes Allowances was an interesting way to get children accustomed to planning how to spend their entertainment dollars and parents found it useful for dispensing discretionary funds in a controlled manner. Even though you no longer have this option, you can still let your kids enjoy digital music and other online entertainment by periodically giving them iTunes gifts or by allowing them access through Family Sharing.