Android Pay Release Coming in September, According to Leak

Android Pay is going to be released soon, likely on September 16 - according to a recent leak. This is good news for Android users -- even those who don’t plan on using Android Pay.

Android Pay, Google’s Android-only counterpart to Apple Pay, looks to be coming imminently. While Google hasn’t made an official announcement, several teasers suggest that Android Pay could be launched in the next few weeks. One source, a leaked document from Verizon, says the platform will be released on September 16.

Leak Says Android Pay Will Launch on September 16

A recently leaked image of a Verizon document claims that Android Pay will be released on September 16. Titled “Introducing Android Pay,” the short piece is written as a press release with the date of “9/16.” The leak also says Android Pay will be accepted at over 1.5 million locations.

This isn’t the first time a leak has mentioned Android Pay’s release date. An internal memo from McDonald’s mentioned August 26 as the release date, which proved to be incorrect. There are signs that the leak from Verizon may be more accurate, though:

  • Google has begun advertising Android Pay in Google Wallet
  • Google has posted an FAQ that details the difference between Android Pay and Google Wallet

Even If People Don’t Use Android Pay, Its Release Is Significant

Android Pay promises to be an Android-only alternative to Apple Pay. Unlike Google Wallet, it won’t be a comprehensive system that handles payments, e-commerce checkouts and person-to-person payments. Instead, Android Pay will be a simple solution that consumers can use to make payments from their Android device. Keeping in line with Google’s focus on privacy and security, it promises to give consumers complete control over their information and utilize fingerprint authentication.

Whether Android Pay, Google’s third attempt at a payment system, becomes widely popular remains to be seen. However, even if it’s not successful, the release of Android Pay is significant in the Android community.

The next Android update, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is expected this fall. Android 6.0 will probably be released on Nexus devices in either late September or early October. Before Marshmallow is released, Android Pay needs to be in place. Thus, a release date of September 16 for Android Pay is good news — even for those who don’t plan on using it. It brings Google one step closer to launching Marshmallow, which many Android users are eagerly awaiting.