Is My iPhone Really Waterproof?

November 23, 2018 •

Waterproof iPhone

Is My iPhone Really Waterproof?

You may have heard that newer iPhone models can still function after being exposed to moisture or actually getting wet. A nightmare for iPhone users is to accidentally drop their device into H2O, such as a puddle of rainwater or to see it fall into a sink.

Such scenarios prompt users to wonder, “Is my iPhone really waterproof?” To appreciate how iPhones are protected against water, it’s useful to become acquainted with the Ingress Protection rating of Apple’s line of smartphones.

Ingress Protection Rating

A smartphone’s resistance to water is identified according to its Ingress Protection or IP rating. Ingress protection refers to the ability of an iPhone to prevent water from ingressing, or entering the device.

It’s a global standard, with the Ingress Protection rating being published by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Apple’s latest entries, iPhone XS and XS Max have an IP68 rating. The iPhone XR is rated at IP67.

What’s the Difference Between IP67 & IP68?

So, if you are basing your iPhone purchasing decision on its IP rating, you’ll want to know the difference between these two. A device with a rating of IP67 is able to remain under water as deep as 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, according to Digital Trends. iPhones with an IP68 rating are protected against being continuously immersed in water, with the maximum depth varying from manufacture to manufacturer.

The IP67 and IP68 ratings of Apple’s most recent models are probably good enough for most people, but you still probably shouldn’t make swimming with your iPhone a regular activity.

What About Older iPhones?

If you’re not ready to upgrade yet, you’ll want to know what kind of water protection older iPhones have. Dropping your iPhone into water such as a puddle or sink can raise your anxiety level. Is your iPhone actually waterproof?

Learn about IP67 and IP68 ratings.

  • iPhone 8 is IP67
  • iPhone 7 also has an IP67 rating
  • The iPhone SE does not have an Ingress Protection rating, so be careful about getting it or older iPhones near water.

Protecting an iPhone against damage from water will be a high priority for savvy individuals, and this desire for more protection can be a powerful motivator to upgrade to the latest device. It’s also prudent to protect  your iPhone by storing it securely whenever you are riding in your vehicle, which is why so many people opt to place it in a sturdy dashboard mount.