Don’t Settle for Generic or Consumer-Grade Device Mounts in the Warehouse

Ensure that your warehouse workers are hands free when operating forklifts with ProClip device mounts.
Device Mounts

Keeping up with the rapid evolution of inventory management and tracking in today’s warehouse environment requires the latest technologies and the mobile devices to deploy them. It is hard to imagine a functional modern warehouse without RFID tags and barcoding systems throughout. The handheld scanners, mobile computers and tablets that interact with these tracking systems have delivered unquestionable efficiencies. They also present unique challenges. Every warehouse manager can relate to the headache of deploying, mounting, powering and storing the devices used by their staff on a daily basis.

ProClip USA are the mobile device mounting experts and offer three unique features when it comes to selecting a mounting solution for your warehouse/materials handling environment:

1. Custom-Designed, Precision-Machined, Device-Specific Holders for a Precise Fit

At ProClip, we believe that the device holder should be designed and manufactured to fit the device perfectly. A perfectly fitted holder/cradle provides a secure hold on the device while also enabling efficient one-handed insertion and removal. A perfect fit means better protection and less wear and tear on the device itself while docked and exposed to the shock, vibration and trauma to be expected on a forklift or other warehouse equipment. Electrical connections remain constant and dependable in ProClip charging holders. A custom fit means quality and longevity of the solution overall, allowing workers to focus on their work and not on broken or loose-fitting mounts.

2. Industrial-Grade Materials and Purpose-Built Mounts for Enterprise Use

ProClip uses only the highest-grade materials for our enterprise line of mounts and device holders. Our heavy-duty forklift mounts and pedestal mounts are CNC machined from solid-core aluminum for exceptional strength and durability. The adjustable interlocking joints enable the precise positioning of devices without compromising the strength required to remain firmly in place in the warehouse.

Our device holders are machined from ABS and Acetal polymers, both of which offer exceptional machinability, mechanical stability and resilience to abrasion and chemicals under extreme temperatures.

3. Modular Mounting Systems to Support Future Device Migration

All ProClip mounts are made to interchangeably support all ProClip device holders. We utilize the industry standard AMPS and VESA hole patterns, enabling the rapid swapping out of one set of custom device holders for another in the case of device migration. For example, in order to migrate from MC9X devices to the TC8000, you would simply remove the MC9X holder from the forklift mount and attach the TC8000 cradle in its place. This can be done via four small nuts/bolt or by means of our quick-release Speed Clip system.

ProClip works closely with the leading mobile device manufacturers including Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Samsung, Panasonic, Apple, Microsoft and many others to insure we are ready with a wide range of custom-fitted device mounts when you deploy a new fleet of devices. At ProClip, our specialty is designing and producing the best enterprise mobile device mounts on the market. For your next mobile deployment, insist on a ProClip mount and don’t settle for less.