[VIDEO] How to Clean Your Suction Cup Car Mount

February 16, 2016 •

Suction cup car mounts are a great universal solution to mounting your phone, tablet or other mobile devices in the car. Our universal suction cup mount fits with all of our mobile device holders, which makes it simple to switch out the device you want to use it with. Our mount comes with a super strong suction cup that will adhere to any glass surface and a 3M adhesive dash mount disk that can be used to place the suction cup mount on the dashboard or console instead of the windshield, which could come in handy if suction cup windshield mounts are illegal in your state.

Our suction cup mounts provide a strong hold, but over time, the suction cup can become dirty and not stick as well to your dashboard or windshield. Properly maintaining your suction cup mount will keep it working better, longer.

Be sure to use non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use ammonia based cleaners, in particular, as they can ruin the suction cup. Learn more by watching the video below.