ProClip Device Mounts for Business: Quality over Quantity

ProClip mounts for business can be customized to hold virtually any device. On-demand manufacturing can deliver hundreds of ready to deploy mounts.
proclip mounts for business

Producing quality mounts for business starts with world-class manufacturing. Machined and hand-tooled in Sweden, not mass-produced with injection molding, ProClip mounts are made from high-quality ABS and/or Acetyl plastics. A modular mounting system, the ProClip device mount inventory can be customized to hold virtually any device. On-Demand manufacturing can deliver hundreds of ready to deploy mounts for business and ProClip can also accommodate built-to-order projects that require both quantity and quality.

The ProClip difference is excellent customer service. Quality customer interaction happens daily with well-known corporate customers like Samsung, Verizon and Zebra Technologies. A customer-first approach positions ProClip above the rest offering turn-key mounting solutions with a dedicated customer support staff. Our B2B sales team is committed to the success of ProClip reseller partners and end-user clients. Contact a B2B rep to get your custom mount for business started!

Fleet ELD Tablet Mounts

Tired of your ELD mounts failing? Drivers can be tough on mobile devices. A solid ELD mount can provide peace of mind and one less thing to think about. Non-ELD compliance can result in days if not weeks of lost profit. Avoid the hassle of low quality device mounts. Choose the custom, long-lasting mounts for business that are built for rugged use and demanding work environments.

Warehouse Device Mounts

Does your warehouse logging device get lost easily or damaged by staff? A functional and accessible mobile device can help warehouse associates become more efficient. ProClip warehouse forklift mounts for business can keep your tech investment safe. The rugged forklift mount can provide protection and charging capabilities to the device needed to complete a days work.

Resell ProClip Mounts for Business

Do your customers need quality mounts for business? Several perks of being a ProClip distributor include wholesale pricing, drop-ship fulfillment and dedicated, nationwide customer support. Our distribution partners, like Scansource and BlueStar, enjoy the vast product catalog customization that ProClip mounts for business offer to their customers.