[Video] ProClip USA Promotes Safe Driving

June 10, 2016 •

Subarue Impreza and Forester Mounts and holders
Why does ProClip promote safe driving? Distracted driving is very dangerous: It causes 1.6 million accidents per year, 33,000 injuries per year and 11 teen deaths every day. So why do people continue to do it? With on the go technology, the urge to multitask may be too great.

Meet Robert from ProClip. In the following PSA, Robert demonstrates how mobile technology can be distracting when operating a motor vehicle.

Distracted drivers are dominating the road. ProClip is advocating a simple solution to address this growing problem. One of the best products that drivers should look into is the vehicle mounts and device holders from ProClip USA. Custom mounts and holders provide a great hands-free solution for distracted driving.

How it works: The product or solution is custom fitted to both the vehicle and mobile device. When the car is in motion, the ProClip solution provides a docking alternative which lowers the prevalence of distracted driving. Drivers are now able to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes down the road.

Newer vehicles can also feature voice command to answer calls and texts while the phone is secure in the ProClip mounting solution. Drivers who use their mobile phone for GPS navigation will benefit from a secure dashboard location instead of laying it on their lap or holding it in one hand when operating the vehicle.

The safer use of vehicle technology can help prevent distracted driving. Please visit proclipusa.com for more information about the latest device solutions.