This Year’s Best Crash Ratings

This Year's Best Crash Ratings

March 12, 2017 •

2017 has been a good year for innovation, but its safety ratings have been surprisingly low. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently collected 82 vehicles from 2017’s model release year, dubbing them “Top Safety Picks” based upon in-depth crash ratings. If you want to stick to viability, safety and long-term comfort, check out the five vehicles we feel led the list:   Read More ››

Distracted Driving Accidents Are Causing Insurance Rates to Increase

Distracted Driving Accidents

March 9, 2017 •

Over the last several years, distracted driving accidents have increased. Whether it’s texting, changing the music, eating, or even surfing the internet, distracted driving is dangerous and affects your ability to react quickly. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, car insurance rates are spiking despite vehicles being safer and the use of seat belts on the rise.   Read More ››

Cars on Craigslist? Check Out These Five Tips

Cars on Craigslist? Check Out These Five Tips

March 2, 2017 •

Craigslist’s vehicle listings, often, are quick and low-maintenance. Understandably, you might want a little more substance in your search results. Searching for a new car can be eye-opening, but it can also be fiscally dangerous. Craigslist is a wonderful purchasing tool, and you can configure it to meet your needs. Check out these five car-buying tips for Craigslist. You won’t regret it.   Read More ››

The Five Best Car Mods

The Five Best Car Mods

February 15, 2017 •

If you’ve thought about cranking your car’s performance, you’ve come to the right place. Usually, drivers mod their vehicle to boost its power. That said, there’s much more under the hood. You have a lot to play with, and any car enthusiast will tell you how important your car’s stability, handling and stopping distance are. Check out the five best car mods below, and amp up your ride to its fullest potential.   Read More ››