Enjoy More of the View and Upgrade to ProClip

Ditch your suction cup mount and upgrade to a ProClip solution to enjoy more of the view while driving this summer.

Suction Cup

Ditch Your Suction Cup Mount and Upgrade to ProClip

Picture yourself getting ready for an exciting road trip. Or maybe you’re just trying to wake yourself up enough for your morning commute. You’ve got your thermos of coffee in the cupholder, and Waze or Google Maps fired up to keep you up-to-date on traffic jams in the area.

You have the realization that your phone rattling around in the cupholder or sitting on the seat next to you is neither safe, nor practical.

A suction cup mount may seem like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, in extreme heat and extreme cold, suction cup mounts will fall right off of your windshield, putting your phone at risk. They’re often bulky and leave the interior of your car looking cluttered and will leave the dreaded suction cup ring behind.

Are Suction Cup Mounts Legal in Your State?

Additionally, states throughout the United States have differing laws regarding suction cups mounted to windshields. While it may be perfectly legal where you live, your neighboring state may allow them in limited placements on your windshield while some states have declared them as an illegal obstruction on your windshield. Find out more information on these often-confusing laws with our handy infographic.

You may come across alternatives that include drilling holes into or putting questionable adhesives onto your dashboard. Other solutions may be flimsy “one size fits all” into your air vents. Automakers don’t make standardized dashboards, so why should you settle for a one size fits all phone mount?

The ProClip Solution

ProClip mounts are custom fit for the exact model of your car and easily snaps into the seams of your dashboard. ProClip device holders are made specifically for your mobile device. These two parts together make a complete ProClip solution, giving you a safe and secure home for your phone.

Head over to ProClipUSA.com and find the perfect mount for your car to keep you and your phone safe on the road.