Spring’s Hottest Games in the Android Market

There are thousands of apps in the Android marketplace, check out some of the hottest games to find one that will bring you hours of entertainment.

Your Android is a phone, an easy way to text your friends, a great productivity tool, a GPS, and a social media device. However, if you are not using your phone as a gaming device, you’re missing out on a lot of fun! Candy Crush, Words with Friends and Angry Birds have all taken the app market by storm in recent years and months. While these are “classics” in the world of smartphone gaming, there are always new games being released that may become the next big thing. Consider downloading one of these top games—and get ready for some fun!

Cut the Rope 2
The sequel to this deceptively simple puzzler by Zeptolab brings fun to gamers of all ages. This game is unique in that it is simple enough for children to play, but challenging enough to frustrate even hardcore puzzle fans.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
There is no shortage of strategy games in the marketplace, but this one has a theme that is hard to beat. While most of the strategy games tend to be either fantasy or military based, this loosely follows the story of the new Captain America movie—with a blend of old-school superhero thriller and a touch of humor.

Like Words with Friends, Draw Something and Songpop, QuizUp will have you going head to head with your friends to help you gain bragging rights. This trivia app lets you compete in over 250 categories—sure to include a few in which you will dominate!

Your Android smartphone is smart, and fun. Check out one of these hot games and be the first of your friends to master the “next big thing” in portable gaming!