Will Spotify Video Be the Next YouTube?

Spotify is breaking into the video streaming business with its new feature, Spotify Video, for its Android app. But what is it exactly? And more importantly, should YouTube be worried?
Will Spotify Video be the next Youtube

(Image via FastCompany)

For many, Spotify is the go-to choice for streaming music. After all, they offer one of the best options for both making playlists and creating a personal “radio station” where you can discover new music. Spotify has dominated the music streaming business, so it makes sense that they would want to get into the video streaming game, too. However, just because Spotify is the king when it comes to streaming music, doesn’t mean they will take the throne when it comes to video. Those who are expecting Spotify Video to disrupt the market and knock YouTube out of its place may be a bit disappointed.

What Spotify Video Is

The “point” of Spotify Video is to share videos that are themed around music or entertainment. These short, professionally created videos will be released by big names like BBC, ESPN, MTV and Comedy Central. These should be fun, compelling videos that are bound to thrill. The point of this new strategy is to keep users on the app longer. You can customize the video content that same way you can customize your music with playlists. Spotify intends to suggest video content that’s similar to the music a user is already listening to. The theory being that if Spotify can keep its customers happy and entertained with more content options besides music, customers might be more inclined to pay for the premium services.

What Spotify Video Isn’t

Spotify Video isn’t YouTube. While this sounds at first like a “dig,” it’s not. Spotify isn’t massively monetizing the app, at least not right now. So, there will not be as many ads as you may expect. Plus, while you may not be able to tune into all of your favorite breakout YouTube stars on Spotify Video, you won’t have to see all of the terrible amateur videos, either. Spotify Video will be all professional videos all the time. Not a bad deal!

For the online video connoisseur, Spotify Video could be an exciting option. Spotify Video is being released first on its Android mobile app, and will be available for iOS very soon. However, there is no timeline in place for when it will be available on desktop.