Selecting the Right Handheld Computer for Your Warehouse

Upgrade your warehouse handheld computers with tips from mobile device experts at ProClip USA. Whether you are investing in your first warehouse computers or want to upgrade to the latest tech, we have the answers.

Investing in the right technology for your warehouse needs can make all the difference in productivity and organization. However, with the rate that tech is rapidly changing, it is difficult to keep up the pace. Rather than choosing a handheld computer blindly, here are some tips on selecting the ideal device for your specific needs.

Accessories Matter

When shopping for a handheld computer, consider why your warehouse needs an upgrade. For example:

  • Are you interested in improving product inventory control? Invest in RFID scanners to create a database of your products.
  • Do you want to increase speed in shipping? Go with a barcode feature to help workers push product from storage to packaging more rapidly.
  • If your warehouse is already outfitted with handheld computers but is struggling with errors, the solution might be as simple as a backlight on the screen. After all, most warehouses lack proper lighting, which makes it difficult to read the small print on labels.

By starting with the needs of your warehouse, you can choose the best solution for handheld computers. You can also cut costs by buying just the technology you need rather than splurging on all of the bells and whistles that will go to waste.

Top-Rated Equipment

Every vendor will tell you they offer the best equipment for your needs. Here at ProClip USA, we work with the top of the line brands and manufacturers of handheld devices. Some of the best-rated handheld computers for warehouses we have seen are the Zebra MC3300 Straight Shooter for barcode printing; the lightweight yet industrial-grade Janam XG3; and the Zebra TC8000 featuring a touchscreen design.

Warehouse Mounting Solutions

To protect your material handling investment, you need a solid mounting system that attaches handheld computers to forklifts, desktops or mobile workstations. At ProClip, we design premium quality, custom-built mounting products to protect your tech investment.

ProClip offers a variety of mounting accessories that allow your mounting system to be custom designed for almost any handheld computer. ProClip welcomes your custom product request: you may choose a mounting solution that is built to order or ready to ship. Precision machining allows us to produce as many or as few units as your project requires.

Contact ProClip today to request a quote or more information about our products.