Samsung Officially Releases the Galaxy S8 with Impressive Features

Samsung's Galaxy S8 press event outlined an impressive new product with bold claims. The Galaxy S8 is intended to revolutionize the world of smartphone technology.
Samsung S8

(Image via Vjeran Pavic / The Verge)

Beginning with an acknowledgment of Samsung’s recent difficulties within the mobile phone market, the Samsung Galaxy S8 press event was intended to usher in a “new era of smartphones.” Samsung outlined a number of revolutionary new features, many of which were designed to create a single, unified device that can take care of all of a user’s needs.

“The Galaxy S8 Will Fundamentally Change How You Use Your Phone”

The Galaxy S8 is designed with a special “infinity screen,” which goes edge to edge and curves over the phone’s sides. By removing the bevel, the Galaxy S8 is able to deliver more screen without a larger form factor. The phones will be constructed of 5.8″ (S8) and 6.2″ (S8 Plus) of glass, designed to be comfortable in the hand. In terms of performance, the mobile device is the first to earn a Mobile HDR Premium certification. Samsung has additionally moved the home button beneath the display, which has made the device a single unbroken screen.

A Wealth of New Features: Better Images, Easier Charging, and Biometric Scanning

Numerous features were outlined for the new Galaxy S8, the most notable of which were:

  • Multi-image frame processing. Rather than take a single image, the Galaxy S8 takes multiple images and chooses the best aspects of each. A front-facing camera with 8 MP and auto face-recognition is also included.
  • An adjustable charging station. The new Samsung charging pad can be propped up or laid down. The Samsung S8 simply lays on top of it rather than docking, for easy charging. The S8 comes with a 3000 mAh battery while the S8 plus comes with a 3500 mAh.
  • Multiple authentication options. Samsung’s Biometric identification now includes an iris scanner, face recognition, and fingerprint scanning. These identification patterns can be used separately or together for both convenience and security.

In addition to the above new features, the Samsung also includes some old but impressive features, such as water and dust resistance.

Bixby: Samsung’s New Personal Assistant

Bixby is a new context-aware voice recognition system, with a dedicated button and easy access from the Galaxy S8 device. Context-aware systems are able to track what a user means when they go through several steps of commands. Users may request “Look up John,” and then they may follow this up with “Call him.” A context-aware system will understand what the user means by “him.”

Bixby is designed to facilitate everything from online shopping to language translation. A complete personal assistant, Bixby is able to complete complex tasks. This includes identifying items from photos and finding out where to buy them, or tracking your daily habits to provide you with better information and prompts.  This will be directly aligned with Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri.

Samsung DeX Produces a Complete Desktop Experience

Finally, the Samsung S8 is hoping to finally bridge the gap between desktops and smartphones through the use of Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX is a docking system that enables a Samsung S8 to be used as a desktop computer. Once in the DeX, users are able to manipulate apps just as they would on a personal computer.

The Samsung S8 is an innovative new product that is clearly intended to become an all-in-one, centralized control system for the modern life. According to the newest Samsung press release, this new product is going to include everything from smart home controls to a complete desktop experience . The Galaxy S8 will be available April 21st and preorders are already available.

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