Google Confirms Face Unlocking in New Pixel 4 Teaser

Google has released another teaser for the upcoming Pixel 4. The newest teaser confirms facial unlocking and gesture control.

Google Confirms Face Unlocking in New Pixel 4 Teaser

Google is continuing their new strategy of dealing with leaks by teasing the upcoming phone’s features before the official announcement. We’ll seemingly know everything about the Google Pixel 4 prior to Google’s keynote announcement, but that’s no different than last year’s Pixel 3 being the most leaked phone ever.

(Don’t) Hold the Phone

The newest teaser video features a woman walking up to the new Google Pixel 4 and unlocking the device with facial recognition. Google claims that while unlocking smartphones with facial recognition isn’t new, they have engineered the process differently. A Soli radar chip proactively will turn on face unlock censors as soon as you pick up the phone. This should streamline the process to allow for faster access to the phone.

Google reiterated their dedication to security and privacy in an official blog post. The facial recognition technology is all processed locally on the device and will never leave the phone or be used or shared with any other Google services. The data is stored in Pixel’s Titan M security chip.

Pixel 4

Motion Sense

The Soli radar chip will also allow Pixel users to use Motion Sense. The features include being able to skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls with just the wave of a hand. While no official release date has been set, it is expected to be officially revealed in October 2019.

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