Would You Ditch Your Car? – ProClip Roundup Recap

Lyft wants you to ditch your car and is challenging people in 35 cities. Get the latest mobile and car tech news in the ProClip Roundup!

ProClip Roundup: Season 3 Episode 3

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of the ProClip Roundup! Each week we bring you the mobile and car tech news that’s worth talking about. Here’s a quick overview of the stories that we discussed this week.

Lyft Wants You to Ditch Your Car

A few weeks ago, we told you about the ridesharing company, Lyft, challenging 100 people in the city of Chicago to ditch their cars for a month. Lyft provided the people passes to public transportation and credits for their ridesharing service. The challenge was a big success, causing Lyft to expand the challenge to 35 more cities with hopes of 2,000 challenge participants. The company has set a goal of shared rides accounting for 50% of all business by 2020.

OnePlus 6T Leaks!

The release of the iPhone doesn’t mean smartphone season is over. Leaks from Amazon India have revealed the “official poster” of the OnePlus 6T. The phone appears to feature a slim, triangular notch, thin bezels on the sides and a small chin at the bottom. The tagline ‘Unlock The Speed’ is believed to tease the in-display fingerprint scanner, which would be an exciting innovation in the world of smartphones.

Saleen Unveils 35th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

Every five years, the legendary Steve Saleen unveils a special edition of the Ford Mustang. This year marks the 35th anniversary and the SA 35 was unveiled at the Saleen headquarters earlier this month. The car is equipped with a 780-horsepower supercharged engine and includes several Saleen brand amenities, including upgraded suspension, wheels and more. Only ten will be produced so hopeful buyers will need to act fast!

Buy Your Next Car Online

Your days of haggling with salespeople at car dealerships could officially be coming to an end. Ford has launched a new online sales service, complete with interactive displays. The Digital Fordstore features a five-vehicle display and Ford hosts are on hand to assist customers through the buying process.

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