Are Our Phones Causing Memory Loss? ProClip Roundup Recap

Is your phone causing short-term memory loss? Check out this week's ProClip Roundup to find out if you should be concerned!

ProClip Roundup Recap Blog: Season 2 Episode 6

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another news-filled edition of the ProClip Roundup! It’s the weekly show where we discuss all the mobile and car tech news that’s actually worth talking about. Let’s dive into this week’s stories.

Ridesharing Driver Fired for Streaming Passengers on Twitch

Uber and Lyft driver, Jason Gargac, was fired this week from both popular ridesharing platforms. Gargac was livestreaming his passengers to the popular platform, Twitch, without consent from the passengers. The streams revealed private information about the passengers, including names and addresses. Gargac reportedly made $3,500 over the past 5 months just from Twitch. The kicker to the story is when Gargac was interviewed about the story, he asked the reporters to withhold his full name due to privacy concerns.

Sony Unveils 48 Megapixel Phone Camera Sensor

The camera in your smartphone could be getting quite the upgrade thanks to the new sensor from Sony named the IMX586. The sensor will allow for images up to 8000×6000 pixels and allow images to retain high-quality when fully zoomed-in. It is expected to ship out later this year.

Farewell to Tesla’s Tax Credit

Tesla has reached the milestone of selling 200,000 cars in the United States! The exciting news for Tesla comes at a cost to future Tesla owners in the United States, as the tax credit will now begin to lower from $7,500 all the way down to $1,875 in July of 2019. General Motors is expected to hit the milestone this year as well, so if you’re planning on buying a Chevy Bolt, don’t delay!

Does Your Smartphone Cause Memory Loss?

A recent study in Switzerland suggests that smartphones could cause short-term memory impairment in adolescents. The study indicated that the radio waves from a phone could negatively impact the development of the brain. However, it is important to remember that this is just ONE study, and science requires multiple studies to confirm a hypothesis, so don’t take this as absolute truth!

That’s all we have for this week. Thanks for following along, and we will see you next week for another episode of the ProClip Roundup! Goodbye!