Instagram TV Coming to a Smartphone Near You! ProClip Roundup Recap

Find out if Instagram TV is poised to dethrone YouTube as the king of video. Plus rumors on the newest iPhones, and other car tech and mobile news in the latest ProClip Roundup.

ProClip Roundup: Season 2 Epsiode 1

Welcome back to the second season of the ProClip Roundup! We’re excited to bring you another season of the latest and greatest car tech and mobile news. Let’s jump right into the news stories that caught our eye this week.

Recap of Apple’s WWDC18

After an update-centric Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has announced the rollout of a safety feature that will automatically share location information with emergency dispatchers when a phone dials 911. This is a requirement from the FCC by 2021, but Apple is ready to roll out the safety feature ahead of schedule.

For a full recap of the biggest announcements from WWDC, check out the recap video from YouTuber MKBHD.

Oppo Find X Kills the Notch

It appears that pop-up cameras could become the next trend in smartphones on the quest to eliminate all of the bezels. Smartphone manufacturer Oppo has introduced a new phone that slides up to reveal a camera, earpiece and several sensors. Formerly a small niche company, Oppo appears to be making a move up with some serious specs in this new phone.

Care by Volvo Program Delays

Volvo has begun offering a subscription service for their brand-new XC40. For $600 per month, subscribers get a brand new XC40, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. The program has seen heavy amounts of interest which has led to delivery delays. We’re excited to see if this will eventually change the way we buy cars.

iPhone Rumors

It’s officially iPhone rumor season! A leak from a case manufacturer shows that Apple plans to make two larger versions of the current iPhone X. One is expected to be a budget-friendly 6.1-inch model, and the other is expected to be a 6.5-inch Plus version. Some iPhone fans are disappointed that a mini-iPhone X seems to be a rumor of the past.

Introducing Instagram TV

Instagram is making a move towards long-form video providing another platform for creators to publish their content with the introduction of IGTV. Videos can be up to one-hour in length which is way past the previous 60-second videos that users could publish. The biggest difference will be that Instagram TV will use vertical video. Check out the ProClip USA Instagram TV channel for new video updates!

That’s it for this week and the debut episode of season 2 of the ProClip Roundup! Stay tuned and subscribe to stay up-to-date with all the latest and greatest tech.