ProClip Review of the iPhone 3G Adjustable Holder with Pass Through Connector

March 29, 2012 •

Our friends at Zollotech – have put together a great 3 part video review of our ProClip Apple iPhone 3G adjustable holder with pass through connector. The video reviews are really giving you in high detail the in and outs of this great solution for the iPhone 3G with most skins.
Have a look at this great review.

Part 1 – ProClip iPhone 3G Car Dock – Video Review – Unboxing

Part 2 – ProClip for iPhone 3G – Assembly

Part 3 – ProClip For iPhone 3G – Installation

The adjustable holder with pass through connector is available for $79.99 at ProClip USA (item No. 915290) . Don’t forget  to add a vehicle mount for your specific vehicle to complete this 2 part solution.