Sublime Green Shaker – Conner’s Dodge Challenger R/T Plus #ItFitsMe

Conner's Dodge Challenger Sublime Green Shaker is a throwback muscle car with plenty of power under the hood.

Step one get the most iconic American muscle car. Step two make it faster. For Conner and other Dodge Challenger owners, faster is always better.

First off, this is not your average muscle car. From the dealership, Conner was able to select a few stock upgrades including the heritage-edition Sublime Green exterior and Shaker Hood Scoop.

The Shaker Hood aligns the cold air intake right above the engine for some extra horsepower. When you hit the gas, the engine roars and you can actually see the shaker jump.

Conner’s time goal for the quarter-mile is sub 10 seconds. Loving the old school muscle car look he decided to leave the exterior alone. Instead, his focus is under the hood adding a few sizable performance upgrades. With a custom tune, his Challenger R/T Plus is pushing 435 horsepower.

Dodge Challenger Mods

Front and Rear 1-inch Spring Lowering Kit, Full Straight Pipe Exhaust System, BBK Power-Plus Series Throttle Body Assembly, Mishimoto Mopar V8 Low-Temperature Thermostat, Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller, DiabloSport EPA Trinity 2 + Calibrated PCM Swap, Power Stop Street Warrior Brake Kit and Rear Window Louvers.

Challenger Phone Mount

ProClip mounts came highly recommended from Conner’s dad. His family loves everything Mopar, so finding car mounts for each vehicle including Dodge Charger and Jeep Grand Cherokee was super easy.

The Challenger phone mount can fit every trim including SXT, GT, Scat Pack and Hellcat levels. The spot where the Challenger mount attaches is in the perfect location to complement the infotainment display without blocking any important buttons.

Dodge Challenger