Minnesota Passes Hands-Free Driving Law

Minnesota has become the 17th state to pass a hands-free driving law. Stay safe and avoid the ticket with a ProClip mount for your car.
Minnesota Hands-Free

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. While many things can distract drivers, the biggest culprit is the cell phone. You might think it’s not a big deal, you only looked down at your phone for five seconds to send a quick text. But it is a big deal. At 55 mph, taking your eyes off the road for five seconds is the equivalence of driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

Minnesota has joined 16 other states and the District of Columbia with a law banning use of a cell phone while driving.

Minnesota Hands-Free Law

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a hands-free bill into law on Friday, April 12, 2019. The new hands-free law goes into effect on August 1, 2019. Under the new law, drivers can send messages or phone calls only if their device is in hands-free mode or affixed to the vehicle, with an exception for emergency calls. This means adding an address into a navigation app or holding the phone on speakerphone are prohibited.

Tickets Will Cost You

Starting August 1, 2019, Minnesota police can stop anyone that they see holding a phone while operating a vehicle. This includes being stopped a red light, as you are technically still operating your vehicle. A first offense will carry a $50 fine and any violation after that carries a fine of $275.

Dock Your Phone with ProClip

If you need to use your phone for navigation, music streaming or hands-free calling, a proper mount in your car can keep you safe and avoid the ticket. A mount from ProClip can keep your phone docked safely and out of your hands. Always remember to drive safely and that the text can wait.