LG G6 Phone Holders for Your Car

The LG G6 is waterproof, but it is not life-proof. Take a look at our phone holders for the LG G6 to keep your phone secure while driving!
LG G6 with Charger

LG has slowly worked its way to building a reputation for high-quality phones. After LG’s moderate success with the G5 last year, they created an even better phone with the G6. For starters, the LG G6 is a well-rounded phone that fits the needs of most users. However, the most notable feature of this phone is its ability to withstand up to 30 minutes in 3 feet of water. So, in other words, you might not want to swim with this phone, but if you get caught in a rain storm or spill coffee on it, it’s no big deal.

Although this phone is waterproof, it is not life-proof. So, take a look at some of our phone holders for the LG G6 below to keep your phone safe while on the road!

LG G6 Phone Holders

ProClip Phone Holders for LG G6

We have a wide selection of car phone holders for the LG G6. We offer custom and universal adjustable holders, along with charging and non-charging options.

Non-Charging Phone Holders

Charging Phone Holders

Our phone holders are constructed out of durable, high-grade ABS plastic, so you will find them to be extremely sturdy and long lasting. We have holders for your phone whether you use a phone case or not, as well as a couple charging holder options. Find your LG G6 phone holder today!