Keeping up With Rumors About Apple’s Next iPhones

Are you an early adopter of Apple products? Catch up on new rumors about Apple’s next iPhones and an upcoming Apple Event this September.
iPhone Rumors
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Apple iPhone Rumors

Are you such a fan of Apple products that you can’t wait for the latest announcements about upcoming releases? Apple typically unveils new devices like iPhones, iPads, desktops and laptops during press events later in the year, and it’s safe to say this tradition will continue in 2018.

Experts are anticipating a September announcement, to be followed by a possible release of a larger iPhone X model in October 2018.

A Less Expensive iPhone

Consumers are accustomed to paying a premium for Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, but the models that will be released later this year may very well come at a discount. Newer iPhones should cost $100 less than the latest iPhone X model currently on sale, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst working for TF International Securities who was quoted in a recent Macworld report.

What’s more, the cheaper iPhone (possibly to be called iPhone X Plus) will be larger, sporting a 6.5-inch OLED screen while costing approximately $900-$1,000. The smaller version with a 5.5-inch OLED screen should retail for $800-$900, compared to about $600-$700 for devices with less vivid LCD screens.

Powering your new iPhone X should go much faster than earlier models, thanks to a rumored 18W USB-C adaptor, which is more powerful than the slow 5-watt USB adapter currently provided with Apple’s current smartphones. That’s based on a rumor from Chargerlab cited by Macworld, which notes that that iPhones charging cables will still have a Lightning plug for fast data transfers.

The lower prices for the rumored new OLED iPhones to be released after September may indicate that Apple will stop selling the base iPhone X model, going forward, noted Macworld. Instead, consumers can expect devices that cost a bit less while still offering better capability. Time will tell, when the models are actually unveiled in a few months!

Eager for the Next iPhone?

Early adopters will still need to content themselves with iPhone rumors until later this year when Apple unveils its latest offerings, which you can learn about by staying tuned to this blog.

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