How to Break Your Phone Less Often

June 17, 2013 •

Broken PhoneHow often do you pull your phone out of your pocket to find a cracked screen? Maybe you dropped it, sat on it or you have no idea how it happened, just that you now need a new one.

According to a study by Mobile Insurance, a mobile phone insurance company, the majority of broken mobile devices are damaged within the first 3 months after purchase. And as we all know, most wireless carriers will make you pay full list price to buy a new phone just 3 months after your initial purchase. To add to that headache, the list price for an iPhone 5, for example, is currently $650 or more, depending on where you buy it.

Avoid Paying for a New Phone
So how do you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone, when only a few months earlier you spent $100 to $200 on the same thing? Well, for starters, you can pay for phone insurance. The same survey by Mobile Insurance also found that only 9% of respondents said they had insurance at the time of the break/damage.

Another precautionary measure is to avoid putting your phone in places where you’re more likely to break it.

  • Shirt Pocket: all you need to do is lean over and your phone is out of there
  • Lap / Car Seat: you park at your destination and get out of the car, only to forget the phone was on your lap, but now it’s fallen on the concrete (likely with a shattered screen)
  • Pants Pocket: either you sit down on your phone in the wrong way, or you use the bathroom and the phone ends up in the toilet

Where to Keep Your Phone
If not these places, then where should you keep it? If you carry your phone in your pocket often and tend to break it, you should probably cover it with a good case. If you don’t mind adding to the size of your phone, you can cover it with a rugged case, like OtterBox.

To keep your phone (and yourself) safe in the car, you can mount it! Using a ProClip mounting solution means you always know where your phone is AND you can feel good knowing it’s not under the seat of your car or laying on the concrete somewhere with a shattered screen.