iPad 4 Car Mount Tablet Holders

We have both charging and passive holders for the newest full-size Apple tablet, the iPad 4, or iPad with Retina Display.

Apple’s most recently updated full-size iPad is the iPad 4, or iPad with Retina Display. If you plan to use your iPad to watch movies or find directions on long road trips, you will probably need to juice that thing up along the way. Good thing we have both active (cable attachment) and passive (non-charging) iPad 4 holders for you!

iPad 4 Holder

iPad 4 Cable Attachment Holder

Cable Attachment iPad Holders
We will have three different cable attachment holders available for iPad 4. For these holders, you must use your own original Lightning to USB or Lightning to 30-pin cable that came with your iPad.  These holders are now available for preorder from our website:

iPad 4 Holders Without Cable Attachment
We have a few different options for you here. Many of our holders for iPad 2 and iPad 3 will also be compatible with the iPad 4. If you’re looking for a basic holder, you’ll want to try our iPad holder with tilt swivel.

We also have a few options for those of you looking for more security. Our locking holders are popular for tablets. We have a holder with spring lock or a holder with key lock. The spring lock holder is best for quick releases, whereas the key lock provides a bit more security.

iPad MultiStand Holders
We also have some of our popular MultiStand holders that are compatible with the iPad 4. These holders are very versatile. You can use them to:

  • Prop up your iPad on a tabletop, in your lap or hooked over your knees
  • Easily hold the iPad with one hand using the attached arm
  • Mount it to the wall using the included parts

We offer the MultiStand in black and white for your style preference. The MultiStand is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

MultiStand for iPad

Key Lock Holder for iPad with Otterbox

iPad 4 Holders for Otterbox Cases
If you’re version of security is adding a heavy-duty Otterbox Defender case, then we have some holders for you, too.

We also have a MultiStand for iPads with Otterbox Defender Cases. These are all also compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4.

iPad Headrest Mount

Want to Use Your iPad as a Movie Player?
A great addition to your iPad tablet holder is a headrest mount! These are perfect for mounting your iPad in the back seat to be used as a movie player or other entertainment for your back seat passengers. Built in entertainment for the kids!