[Video] Washington Passes Hands-Free Driving Law

August 5, 2017 •

Hands-Free Driving Law

While they may be an integral part of day-to-day life, cell phones are dangerous to use while driving. 1 out of 4 crashes involves cell phone use just prior to the crash. With recent increases in distracted driving related to cell phone use, Washington passed a law making it illegal for Washington drivers to use hand-held cell phones while on the road.

Washington Hands-Free Driving Law

From 2014 to 2015, fatalities from distracted driving increased 32 percent in Washington. The new Washington distracted driving law includes not only hand-held cell phones, but all electronic devices, such as tablets and laptops. As of July 23, 2017, Washington drivers cannot use hand-held electronic devices while driving, even if stopped at a light.

If drivers do not abide by this law, there will be an Electronics DUI (E-DUI) ticket. The cost of an E-DUI increases with each ticket. The first E-DUI is $136, while the second E-DUI (within 5 years) is $235. Even if drivers are not using a hand-held cell phone but are pulled over for another traffic offense and were distracted by some other activity, they can receive a $99 ticket.

This hands-free driving law only exempts transit and emergency vehicle drivers. Commercial vehicle drivers need to follow federal laws. The only devices not included in this law are two-way radios, citizens band radio or amateur radio equipment.

California passed a similar distracted driving law at the beginning of 2017. Washington and California are among a growing number of states with distracted driving laws. These laws are important to follow, not only to avoid a ticket, but also to keep drivers and passengers safe. No video, text or sports stat is worth becoming distracted and getting into a potential crash.

How to Use A Cell Phone Hands-Free

Cell phone use while on the road is one of the most dangerous distractions for drivers to engage in, and 71 percent of distracted drivers are doing just that. One way to safely access a device while behind the wheel is by using a hands-free mode or Bluetooth. By keeping your phone mounted on the dash, you can activate music or GPS using a single touch or swipe without holding the phone.

Stay Hands-Free with ProClip Phone Mounts

Safety is ProClip USA’s number one priority. The ProClip solution consists of two-parts; the vehicle-specific dashboard mount and the device-specific phone holder. ProClip car phone mounts make it extremely easy to access GPS, music and hands-free calling while on the road. In fact, 97 percent of ProClip customers feel accessing their phone in the car is more convenient with their ProClip mount. ProClip’s products are also made out of durable, high-grade ABS plastic, making them extremely sturdy and long lasting.

It is important to know if your state bans cell phones or texting while driving. Be a safe driver and stay hands-free while driving!