Google Introduces Pixel 4a for $349

August 3, 2020 •

Pixel 4a

Google Introduces Pixel 4a for $349

After several months of delays due to COVID-19, Google has finally introduced their newest smartphone, the Pixel 4a. The Pixel 4a is Google’s newest midrange phone and the successor to last year’s popular Pixel 3a. It has all of the basics you would expect from a phone from Google, but literally nothing else.

Better Late than Never

Originally, the Pixel 4a was expected to be released in May 2020. After multiple delays, Google has pinned down a shipping date of August 20. It’s also very close to the launch date of the upcoming Pixel 5, so Google has made the unusual decision to pre-announce the Pixel 5 and an upcoming 5G-enabled Pixel 4a. While those phones will undoubtedly be worth taking a look at, if you’re in the market for an affordable Android phone, this is absolutely the phone for you.

The Best Pixel is an Affordable One

The Google Pixel 4 received lackluster reviews with slightly lesser specs and a few too many unnecessary gimmicks. The Pixel 4a is almost the opposite. It may not have the newest and flashiest specs, but it has everything you need in a midrange phone. The 5.8-inch display has an OLED screen and pretty thin bezels. It may only be 1080p, but it’s also a $350 phone. The plastic body means that wireless charging isn’t an option, but it does still have the trusty fingerprint reader on the rear, and it comes with a headphone jack. You can always count on having the latest version of Android with the Pixel lineup, which is a huge plus.

Most of all, with the Google Pixel 4a, you’re getting the incredible photo capabilities that the Google Pixel lineup has come to be known for at a price of just $350! The 4a only has a single 12.2-megapixel lens, but the photos this phone is capable of taking are truly impressive. Google’s Night Sight and astrophotography mode still are a step ahead of the competition, meaning this $350 phone can take photos that will compete with the $1,000+ phones from Samsung and Apple. The Google Pixel 4a certainly isn’t the flashiest phone on the market, but it’s the best value by a longshot.

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