Unpacking GMC’s Revolutionary MultiPro Tailgate

The GMC Sierra's MultiPro tailgate makes your truck's tailgate more practical than ever before. Learn how to get the most out of your GMC Sierra.
GMC Sierra
2019 GMC Sierra Denali

Sometimes you live with a problem so long you don’t even think of it as a problem. For evidence, look no further than Exhibit A: Pickup truck tailgates.

A tailgate has to fold down so you can move stuff in and out the bed. But the problem with folding down is that it puts you 18” or so further away from the stuff you need to reach.

The MultiPro tailgate installed on the 2019 GMC Sierra solves that problem. It solves several other problems you’ve put up with too. Here’s how.

GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate

Consider this a tailgate with a tailgate. By this we mean there’s a second inner tailgate half the height of the main tailgate with a hinge running almost the full width. This adds another fold, helping the tailgate get out of the way when you need it to, like when loading.

Inside there’s another panel that can lift up when the tailgate is down. That creates a load stop to prevent longer items falling out. (And saves you buying a bed extender.) Then, with these extra panels and hinges, you can form the tailgate into other shapes. Here are the six functions GMC claims:

  1. Inner tailgate and load stop panel together fold into a step so you can climb into the bed. (It handles up to 375 lbs.)
  2. Inner tailgate folds down again when the gate is lowered so you can stand closer the to bed.
  3. With the tailgate down, lifting the load stop forms a barrier for holding longer loads in place.
  4. Create a second tier by folding down the inner tailgate and raising the inner load stop. (Might be good for ladders.)
  5. Fold the inner tailgate only to create a useful working surface. (Or a bar for tailgating!)

That’s five. If you’re wondering about the sixth, well it even works as a normal tailgate!. An especially nice touch is that it’s powered and controlled from your key fob, much like the lift gate on nicer SUVs.

Who Needs It?

There’s hardly a truck owner who can’t benefit from the MultiPro tailgate. Contractors, landscapers, weekend warriors who use a truck for transporting mountain bikes or other gear, short people, tailgaters. The only people who won’t use all these functions are those who never use their pickup truck’s bed anyway. (Which makes us wonder why they bought one at all.)

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