Ford Hints at Focus-Based Pickup Truck

Ford is bringing its car lineup to close, but is it about to open new doors in the small truck market with the Ford Courier?
Ford Courier
Artist Rendering of Ford Courier

In the world of small trucks, functionality and interior design are features commonly left by the roadside—but not anymore. A number of pre-release spy shots are spanning across the internet, raising suspicions of a Focus-like pickup truck in Ford’s late-stage development lineup.

The Ford Courier, or Something Else?

While spy photos are worth their weight in pinches of salt, Ford’s underpinnings are unmistakable within the design. It’s possible the upcoming ride is a new Ford Courier—but it’s possible we’re browsing something entirely new.

For now, it’s a lot of speculation—but the pickup’s body lining is a point of intrigue: The distinct style runs down the vehicle’s side, tracing wide-set—but compact—truck bed sides. As for the interior—pictures suggest a van-style design, seating up to two. While the ride looks spacious, it doesn’t look barren; the wide-mouthed cabin is similar to other luxury models, which may let it compete within the profit-rich F-150 market.

Ford Focus Elements

The tiny truck is expected to utilize baseline Ford Focus mechanical elements, substituting the sedan body style for a cargo bed. Aiming for an alleged 2021 launch, Ford is expected to hit the small truck market alongside the revived Ranger.

Turning a small ford into a pickup is as intriguing as it sounds. Outside of America, the brand sells plenty of Fiestas and Couriers, but a Courier revival might take the nation by storm. Ford filed for a Courier United States trademark in July of 2018, with the United States—and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the rights on June 26.

Speculation and Excitement

Ford is reportedly leaning on the Courier name hard, also holding back on the new Focus. Rather than the focus, drivers will have a high-ride, crossover Active vehicle version. A truck might not only do well in Ford’s current market plan—but thrive within it.

Ford might be discontinuing its American car lineup in the next few years, as the Focus, Fiesta and Fusion are coming to an end, but small sized trucks may very well become its newest foundation.