The Foggy Windshield Solution

January 14, 2017 •

Foggy Windshield

Whether you’re living in a tropical climate or an icy tundra, you’ve probably experienced the pains associated with a fogged-up windshield. While a foggy windshield may not seem dangerous, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers it to be a leading cause of distracted driving.

Your car’s windshield fogs up when your car’s interior temperature is different than the temperature outside. So, to fix the issue, you’ll need to strike out the source of humidity. Check out these foggy window life hacks, and take a break from futile de-fogging efforts.

Life Hack One: Store a Sock of Cat Litter

That’s right: cat litter. Kitty litter has incredible absorbent powers. When stored in a sock, it can absorb any damp, wet air within your car. Simply pour some into a sock, tie it off, and store it near the dashboard.

Life Hack Two: Turn Off Your AC’s Recirculation

Turning off your car’s recirculation system can also help. Recirculated air can increase temperatures, recycle moist air, and combat any equalization efforts. Don’t worry, you can turn it on after your windshield has cleared up; just wait for the fog to pass.

Life Hack Three: Use a Glass Treatment Product

If all else fails, consider purchasing a glass treatment product. These products, when wiped or sprayed upon your windshield’s exterior, prevent fog from forming. You might need to spend a few bucks, but the price tag is worth it if you’re living in a cold climate.

Foggy windshields should be taken seriously. Also, you should be careful when de-fogging while driving. Understandably, you might need to de-fog on the go. Beware, however, of the dangers associated with distracted driving by always following safe driving practices.