Fitness App Round Up

Around the end of January, new year resolutions fail. Stay motivated with these helpful iOS fitness apps.
iPhone fitness

At the beginning of each year, many of us spend time trying to figure out what resolutions will guide us through the next twelve months. Even some of the ProClip team decided to lose a little weight and workout more frequently. After all, eating right is only the beginning, time on the treadmill is good for everyone.

Running into February, based on experience, this is usually when those well intended new year resolutions start taking a back seat to cheeseburgers, bacon, and milk shakes. To help curb those bad habits and encourage a healthier lifestyle, many app companies have a myriad of different options to help get you prepped, running, and in a routine.

Nike+ Move

Nike Move screenshot

One of the first iOS apps to utilize the M7 Apple co-processor, the Nike+ Move app is able to track movement without the assistance of a third party motion device. Activities and workouts are converted to a standard measurement, NikeFuel, which is used to track progress and other related data. Challenges are based on personal averages and friend connections. Additionally, Nike+ Move can compare your progress to Game Center friends. Most importantly, use of the M7 co-processor eliminates the use of GPS for low-power all-day tracking.


UniqueTrainer screenshot

Ensuring exercises are properly completed, UniqueTrainer displays motion-captured 3D animations, leading users through each exercise. Further enhancing the educational aspect is the ability to view each exercise by rotating the 3D view. For free, UniqueTrainer comes with more than 150 biomechanics exercises for all fitness levels. Then, choose from 4 goal systems, which range from entry level, fundamental strength builders, to high intensity workouts. Additional IAP will add core and yoga workouts for $1.99 each.


Couch to 5k screenshot

This old standby released in August 2011 and is a favorite for couch potatoes and new runners, alike. Proving its popularity, Couch-to-5K won a 2012 Appy Award in the Health & Fitness category. Simply, the app tracks progress with average pace and total distance, then graphs workouts to compare data points. Using the internal GPS, a route map is also displayed to track location information. One of four virtual coaches will provide audio cues to guide each workout, while listening to playlists. If you are looking for that final push, three years running as a top app should be enough push to get you motivated to download the app for $1.99.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run screenshot

More than 750,000 runners use Zombies, Run! to find the excitement to continue their workout. One of the first mobile games for runners, Zombies Run! is designed to tell a post apocalyptic story while you finish your designed run. Dubbed an “audio adventure,” users hear the moan of approaching zombies while an action story explains the horror during running. Using a free ZombieLink account, runs are mappable online with full history. Including 33 complete missions, rebuild a base by collecting supplies and avoiding the living dead. Get motivated while the app is on sale for $3.99, from $7.99.


P90X screenshot

Popularized by the Beachbody workout routine, P90X is the perfect app companion for anyone trying to muscle through the P90X branded workout routine. The app includes a tracking system for monitoring sets, reps, and weights, then encourages changes in routines to further the muscle confusion workout. Phase 1, 2, and 3 aligns with the actual P90X workout routine as a mobile catalog to track necessary details. P90X Fit Test and Ab Ripper X are currently included for no charge and the additional 5 resistance workouts bundle is an additional $29.99. Other BeachBody workouts may be purchased individually, but overall, the IAP is cheaper than buying the DVD plan outright.