Facebook Instant Articles is Being Updated to Support Apple News

People who get their daily dose of information through Apple News will be glad to know that Facebook Instant Articles will be updated to support Apple News stories.
Apple News

How do you get your news in the morning and throughout the day, especially when you are out and about using your iPhone or iPad? If you’re like many people, you find yourself relying on your Facebook account to stay current on major news events and opinions.

As more people keep themselves updated on news of the day through their Facebook account, publishers want to make it as easy as possible to deliver more information to them.

To address the needs of people seeking news online, multiple news formats are now in play. Facebook itself developed the Instant Articles system to speed up news delivery through its platform. Meanwhile, Google offers its Accelerated Mobile Pages that publishers can sign up for, while Apple News focuses on bringing content to iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

Now, Facebook is aiming to shake things up by adding support in Instant Articles for Google’s AMP news as well as Apple News. Facebook’s efforts will make it easier for publishers to publish in all three formats at the same time. Facebook has already launched a solution for AMP and will next provide support for Apple News, according to a report from TechCrunch. The launch date for Apple News has not yet been announced.

Facebook is creating an open source Instant Articles software development kit, with an extension that will enable publishers to develop content in the three main formats. Offering support for Apple News was an idea that came out of the Facebook Journalism Project, which links online publishers with Facebook in support of online news.

Giving media publishers a convenient way to develop their content just once for multiple platforms should help all of us stay updated on breaking news and give us easier access to thought leaders from publications around the world.

If you rely on the Facebook platform to stay informed, the new support for Apple News stories in your Google account on your iPhone or iPad will help you stay more informed than ever. While you’re perusing the news, give your hands a break and mount your device in a sturdy and convenient table stand that you can adjust for the ideal viewing angle.