Ford Creates Noise-Canceling Doghouse – ProClip Roundup Recap

The latest innovation from Ford is a high tech, noise-canceling dog house! Get the details and more on this week's ProClip Roundup.

ProClip Roundup: Season 4 Episode 5

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s ProClip Roundup. It’s the weekly news show where we bring you the mobile and car tech news from around the world that’s actually worth talking about! Here’s a glimpse at this week’s stories.

Ford Creates Noise-Canceling Dog House

Ford’s engineers clearly have a little extra time on their hands, now that they aren’t making passenger sedans anymore! The automaker has apparently developed a high-tech dog house for pups who get anxious during fireworks shows. The Quiet Kennel uses sound-deadening panels and active noise cancellation speakers that can be found in Ford’s lineup of vehicles. It doesn’t seem that Ford intends to sell the Quiet Kennel, they just made it for fun.

The World’s Fastest Electric Vehicle Charger

Porsche and BMW have teamed up to create a new 450 kW charging station in Germany. The charging station has triple the capacity of Tesla’s existing Superchargers. While the feat is impressive, there aren’t any cars on the market that can take full advantage of it yet. The demo was intended to show off the future of charging stations rather than being immediately practical.

Apple is Being Sued… Again!

A new lawsuit filed in the US District Court of Northern California alleges that Apple lied about the screen sizes and pixel counts in the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Apple advertises the iPhone X’s screen as 5.8 inches, but the lawsuit claims the phone measures to be “only about 5.6875 inches.“

Samsung Files Patent for Holographic Display

Our Star Wars dreams could be coming true after Samsung filed a new patent for true 3D holograms. This would be quite the improvement over the 4V images from the disappointing RED Hydrogen One or the Nintendo 3DS display. Our fingers are crossed this works out, but we won’t be holding our breath quite yet.

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