Keep Your Electronics from Overheating with These Cool Tips

Sometimes, it's easier to keep the electronics in the car. You should be careful, however, as the beating sun can fry your goods. Check out these cool tips to keep your electronics safe during summer.
Electronics Overheating

If you’re on vacation, a long-haul shopping spree or deal with hot weather continuously, it pays off to protect your electronics. Whether it’s a cellphone, the child’s handheld gaming system or even a pair of headphones, your hot car can wreak havoc on wiring, plastic and glass. If you want to protect the goods, check out these safety tips.

Tip One: Use a Styrofoam Cooler suggests using a cheap Styrofoam cooler to keep the electronics safe. Even if they’re small valuables, Styrofoam can insulate them from the heat. Plus, it’s discreet. You can purchase small, medium and large Styrofoam coolers from the grocery store, so get out there!

Tip Two: Use a Towel and Ice Pack

Try wrapping the machines in a towel. Lay a flexible ice pack beneath it. Then, stow the devices under the seat. Even if the ice pack melts, the towel will absorb the humidity. This is a short-term solution, but it’s a powerful one nonetheless.

Tip Three: When in Doubt, Use the Trunk

We don’t suggest using the trunk, but it’s better than a car cabin. Trunks don’t have windows, and they receive little sunlight compared to most vehicle interiors. If you’re out of options, choose the trunk over the seat, the glove box or in a cup holder. Check out Ask MetaFilter for more electronics-friendly car safety discussion.

Tip Four: Buy a Small Car Fridge

It is a bit expensive, but it works. First, make sure your electronics are safe from humidity. Again, wrapping them in a towel—or similar high-absorption material—can work. You can buy a small car fridge from most department stores. Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter, and you’re good to go. If you’re parked, the fridge’s insulating material will hold its temperature for a while.

Tip Five: Be Smart About Your Parking Space

Finally, you should avoid parking in open areas. Park next to buildings, under trees and under overhangs. Again, sunlight will cause the biggest temperature spike. If you can avoid direct sunlight, you’ll keep your car—and your electronics—out of harm.

Take the devices out when possible. We understand: Sometimes, you need to pack them in the car. You shouldn’t, however, be complacent about it. Over time, car-bound electronics can become damaged. Do your devices a solid, and keep them away from the heat.