Tesla Model Y Could Come as Early as Q1 of 2020

Get a sneak peek at the much-hyped Tesla crossover SUV dubbed the Model Y, which could be hitting the roads as early as Q1 of 2020.
Tesla Model Y

There is plenty of hype surrounding the new Tesla Model Y for good reason: this crossover SUV is scheduled to arrive a full season ahead of time. If you are in the market for a crossover SUV, consider waiting until the first quarter of 2020 so you can take the Model Y for a spin. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from Tesla’s crossover SUV.

The Model Y is Ahead of Schedule

Tesla’s Model Y is ahead of schedule as Tesla has ramped up parts orders with its suppliers. Part of the reason why the Model Y is ahead of schedule is the fact that it uses plenty of the same parts as other Tesla vehicles. This makes it that much easier to ramp up production. Though Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been hesitant to share information about his new crossover vehicle, several tidbits have been released to whet car-buyers’ appetites. This all-electric vehicle will likely be quite popular yet Tesla is refusing to release the vehicle’s pre-order figures. Musk recently stated the model Y will be in volume production at the mid-point of 2020 at the latest. It is quite possible a small number of Model Ys will be produced prior to the mid-point of 2020. Only time will tell when the Model Y hits the market.

What We Currently Know About Tesla’s Model Y

There is plenty of hype over the Model Y as it is a fully electric crossover SUV with an EPA estimated range of 300 miles. The vehicle is powered by a dual motor and all wheel drive. If you have a family, a business or need to haul items with any sort of regularity, you will certainly appreciate the Model Y’s 66 cubic feet of cargo space. All in all, the vehicle has enough room for seven passengers and plenty of cargo. The second row seat folds in an independent manner, making it possible to transport large items ranging from skis to suitcases and even furniture. Pop the liftgate and you will be greeted by a low trunk floor that facilitates the loading an unloading process.

Model Y Power

This all wheel drive vehicle is powered by two separate electric motors that control the vehicle’s torque to the front/rear wheels in a digital manner to enhance traction, handling and even stability control. The vehicle accelerates from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in a mere 3.5 seconds. You can take this vehicle out in the elements, be it rain, hail, sleet or snow without concern for safety. The Model Y is ready for weather challenges of nearly every variety thanks to its superior traction control.


The Model Y is not the cheapest car on the market yet it probably won’t zap your life savings.  Opt for the rear wheel drive version of the vehicle and you will pay $43,700.  Those who choose the dual motor all wheel drive version will shell out $47,700.  Opt for the performance version of the vehicle and you will pay $56,700.