How To Avoid ELD Mandate Penalties in 2018

Protect your fleet from ELD violations with this step-by-step guide to ELD mandate compliance. Start by choosing the right ELD and mounting device for your fleet.

ELD Mandate

How To Avoid ELD Mandate Penalties in 2018

It has been more than six months since the Electronic Logging Device Mandate was put into effect by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In addition, the April 2018 deadline for full compliance has passed. As a truck driver, fleet manager, or trucking company owner, you are required to use ELDs in most instances. Find out what you need to do to avoid ELD mandate penalties.

Step 1: Choose a Compliant ELD

The first step is to buy an electronic logging device that has been self-certified via the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Note the FMCSA does not approve ELDs for carriers. However, the agency has a list of ELDs that are certified according to the manufacturer. Check this list to see if your electronic logging device has been self-certified. If not, you will need to buy a new ELD that is self-certified for compliance.

Step 2: Learn to Use Your ELD

You are responsible for obtaining, maintaining, and properly using your electronic logging device. Simply telling the DOT inspector that you did not know how to do a function using your ELD will not suffice. Read your owner’s manual to understand how to operate your ELD to avoid penalties.

Key aspects to start with include changing your duty status, editing records, certifying records, and transferring data. In addition, you are required to keep your ELD manual and all supporting documents in your cab at all times. This information may be needed by law enforcement to access your ELD logs. However, you also need to have access to instructions at any time.

Step 3: Submit ELD Logs

The ultimate purpose of electronic logging devices is to submit your hours of service records electronically using the internet. This bypasses the use of paper logs. Therefore, you must submit your ELD logs correctly to avoid ELD mandate penalties.

Step 4: Choose ELD Mounting Solutions

The final step is to make sure your ELD is mounted securely. Commercial drivers who are required to use ELDs are not permitted to use mobile devices. Protect your drivers from distractions by using ProClip USA ELD mounting solutions. Our extensive line of durable mounting systems is designed especially for tablets and other mobile ELD devices.