Chevy Mod King – Miguel’s Camaro 2SS #ItFitsMe

Taking modifications to the extreme, Miguel’s favorite hobby is customizing the Chevy Camaro SS. Learn more about his build!

Do you enjoy keeping a car stock or customizing it with a few mods? Miguel enjoys the latter plus a few more. Taking modifications to the extreme, Miguel’s favorite hobby is customizing the Chevy Camaro SS. From dealership stock to fully-loaded with custom modifications, his Camaro SS is a ZL1 lookalike built to fit his busy life in the fast lane.

Miguel and his Chevy Camaro 2SS found a home on social media. His followers flocked to see daily content featuring car photography and POV 360 video. Like himself, others are building their own cars and live vicariously through his Camaro journey. His lifestyle is not extravagant. He doesn’t beg for followers. His content is just that good.

SS to ZL1 Conversion

Ready to start your own SS to ZL1 conversion like Miguel? Starting at MSRP $42,000, there’s plenty of room for customization before you even get close to the Zl1 starting price of $62,000. The quickest modification to change the overall look of your Camaro would be the front body kit replacement. Bumpers and splitters give your Camaro that aggressive stance even without air ride suspension. The real statement piece is the Type-AZ Carbon Fiber Hood, letting his Magnuson Supercharger breathe. Complete your SS to ZL1 conversion with rear high rise spoiler and lip diffuser kit. Other exterior mods include:

  • Lambo Style Rear Window Louver Sun Shade
  • Carbon Fiber Side View Mirror Covers
  • Chevy Camaro Gen 6.0 Smoke Taillights
  • Vossen Rohana Custom Finish Rims

Chevy Camaro Phone Mount

Miguel decided to add some creature comforts to the Camaro interior. In addition to the Wildhammer Motorsports carbon fiber steering wheel, the ProClip Chevy Camaro phone mount keeps his smartphone within easy reach. Before trying ProClip, Miguel was using a cheap clamshell mount from Amazon. It could only hold his phone in landscape mode. Moreover,  long drives on hot, sunny summer days, it absorbs heat very quickly and the iPhone starts to act sluggish from overheating.

For Miguel, the benefit of ProClip is getting the phone out of direct sunlight and bringing it closer while not obstructing the already limited view of the road. The addition of keeping the phone in portrait mode allows Miguel to use Spotify and record POV 360 video. Even during some acceleration and hard braking the Camaro phone mount holds solid. ProClip car mounts are now in each vehicle including his wife’s GMC Sierra Denali.