[Infographic] Top Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 for ELD

Find out how to stay compliant with the December 2019 ELD compliance deadline using the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 and ProClip mounting solution.
Tab Active2

As the December 16, 2019 ELD extension deadline approaches, consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. This mobile device offers the platform and speed you need for your fleet. Your drivers will be able to document hours of service more efficiently and provide you with the return on the investment you expect. Check out some more benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 for your logging needs. Also, take a look at the Swedish-designed mounting solutions we have to offer here at ProClip to ensure total compliance for your fleet.

The Rugged Tab Active2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is tough and rugged, durable and ready to take a beating from your drivers. The device is shockproof and features a protective skin in case it gets dropped from the driver’s seat onto the asphalt. The Galaxy Tab Active2 is also water-resistant, perfect for truck drivers who operate in humid or wet conditions. The device also comes equipped with a Pogo pin charging connection.

Easy to Use for Drivers

A Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is set up on a simple Android operating system. This makes for an easier transition for drivers as this is a popular system and device. In addition, drivers who already have a Samsung smartphone or tablet will be more confident when working with the same technology for all of their needs. This helps with driver retention as the drivers are spending less time trying to navigate the system. In terms of internet connectivity, which is mandatory for all electronic logging devices, the tablet comes ready to work with third-party ELD apps. The devices are compatible with an LTE plan or using a hardwire data transfer.

Choose ProClip Mounts

Along with the device for your ELD management, you also need to pick up a mounting setup. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires operators to have a mounting system to ensure total hands-free use while driving. Here at ProClip USA, we have mounting solutions that are specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2.

Our ELD mounts are compatible with the Tab Active2 Skin and Pen allowing your drivers total flexibility and usability with their device. Contact ProClip today at 800-296-3212 to request a quote on our mounts.

Tab Active2