The Toughest Cradles for Samsung XCover6 Pro

XCover6 Pro in Ford Transit

ProClip Cradles for Samsung XCover6 Pro

The work environment continues to evolve and requires increased mobility for operators. These operators require their technology to be easily accessible, safe, charged and ready to go. Samsung XCover6 Pro phones are designed for a rugged work environment in or outdoors, and pairing them with the most durable cradle will ensure their technology investment is optimized.

Our cradles for the XCover6 Pro are designed specifically to fit the bare device and keep it within reach of the operator. The cradles allow for quick one-handed docking and undocking of the device. For users who frequently dock and undock, pogo pin charging options are available in addition to standard USB-C charging options.

Keep your XCover6 Pro secured to your arm while on any job. Our Arm & Wrist Mount for XCover6 Pro keeps your device accessible, saving you time from fumbling in and out of pockets. Easily rotate your device 360 degrees to find the right spot for optimal use.